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Social and Cultural Studies is a quality-assured interdisciplinary monograph series produced in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University’s Auckland campus. This series aims to generate debate and share insights in areas of common interest to scholars and students in the humanities and social sciences. Essays that are eclectic in approach, analytically innovative, avoid unnecessary jargon, and stimulate the imagination are especially encouraged.

Contributors wishing to have their work considered for publication should submit two copies of the manuscript in APA format. For peer review purposes, the contributor’s name should not appear on the manuscript.

Social and Cultural Studies uses the APA referencing format. Submitted manuscripts should conform to this format. A basic formatting guide can be consulted here.

Points to Note:
  1. The focus of the series is publishing the work of staff and students of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences from the Albany campus.
  2. Invitations to submit manuscripts will be circulated at least twice a year by the College Administrator.
  3. Proposals for a publication are to be submitted to the Regional Director, A/Prof Peter Lineham, and shall include both a draft text (for example a thesis or research report) and the name of an editor willing to edit the text into publishable form.
  4. The decision to publish is made by the Regional Director, based on financial advice and the recommendation of the commissioning committee.
  5. The commissioning committee, chosen by the Regional Director to represent the range of disciplines in the College, advises the Regional Director that the proposed publication has met the standard of research and writing suitable for publication, and approves the name of the editor.
  6. This advice will be based on at least one blind peer review report which they have commissioned and read.
  7. One member of the committee will take responsibility for approval of the finished editorial work.
  8. The general staff of the college will take responsibility for the final edit and preparation for printing, and the publicity and sale of the publications.
  9. The members of the commissioning committee are:

Submissions and enquiries:

College Administrator
Social and Cultural Studies Series
College of Humanites and Social Sciences
Private Bag 102 904
North Shore Mail Centre

Ph: 64 9 414 0800 ext 9163
Fax: 64 9 441 8163

Copies of the various titles in the Social and Cultural Studies series may be ordered online from the address above (add $2.00 to the quoted price for postage and packaging).

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